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Pro Pump & Spray 50100


Industry Standard Compression Sprayer with Viton Seals

A rugged and durable compression sprayer outfitted with Viton seals that are compatible to spraying waterborne cleaners, solvents and most chemical products used in surface preparation. The spray head seals to the reservoir to eliminate evaporation and leakage Increased work productivity and efficiency in surface preparation before and after repairs. Reduction of VOCs while dispensing bulk chemicals – eliminating the need for aerosol based products.

Compression sprayers are an economical way to deliver bulk chemicals and solutions while eliminating the need for the more expensive aerosol based products that tend toward higher VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Suitable for: Automotive, Detailing, Household, Gardening, Agricultural, oils, fuels, lubricants, solvents, aqueous media, and most mineral acids.


  • Designed for tough industrial applications and automotive detailing. Including, but not limited to brake cleaners, rust penetrants, de-waxers, and degreasers.
  • Ergonomic, robust spray head with heavy-duty metal pump plunger-rod
  • Easy pump operation to pressures of 44 PSI
  • Adjustable nozzle with stainless steel insert to deliver a fine mist to jet spray
  • 1L Capacity wide mouth tank that seals to eliminate product evaporation
  • Durable construction, impact resistant and designed for extra stability
  • Viton Seals and o-rings for resistance to most chemicals

Viton is compatible with a wide range of chemicals, including oils, fuels, lubricants, solvents, aqueous media and most mineral acids. The range of chemicals to which Viton is resistant is so broad that it is by far easier to list those few with which it is not compatible. It is not recommended for use with methyl ethyl ketones, amines, and esters such as ethyl acetate.

The decision to use robust, hand pressurized “pump style” reusable trigger sprayers has multiple advantages: The user has no time-consuming interruptions due to leaking or clogged devices. The powerful spray head is durable and allows a fatigue-free operation with extended performances for excellent results.