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Maniac Line Neutral Foam Shampoo


Neutral Foam Shampoo is a car shampoo with a 2in1 formula with a neutral pH ideal for frequent car washes.

The product exhibits excellent economy thanks to high dilution ratios up to 1: 400 and excellent emollient abilities.

The lubricating foam produced by Neutral Shampoo encapsulates the dirt facilitating removal during the subsequent rinsing phase without creating halos, streaks and without the risk of creating swirls or micro-scratches.


– Hand wash with bucket:

Dilute the product 1: 400 (3 caps of product in 10L of water)
Use a second bucket with clean water for rinsing the glove;
Apply the product starting from the top and always with a wet vehicle with a microfibre glove;
Proceed to rinse the surface;
Dry with the Super Dryer microfiber cloth ;.
-Pre-wash with Foam Gun:

Dilute the product in Foam Gun in the proportion 1:10;
Dispense the product all over the vehicle from bottom to top;
Leave on for a period of time ranging from 3 to 5 minutes;

Rinse at high pressure starting from the bottom;
Proceed to manual washing with bucket.

Make sure the surface is cold and the car is in the shade. In case of strongly anchored dirt, the use of “Foam Gun Prewash” is recommended. In the pre-wash phase, use the product to help remove coarse dirt and avoid the creation of micro-scratches. It is recommended to wash the vehicle every one or two weeks.