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Maniac Line Iron Remover


Maniac Iron Remover is the ultimate product for cleaning and decontamination, eliminating ferrous contamination from bodywork, glass and car rims

Thanks to its acid-free neutral pH formula, this iron remover combines safety and efficacy with amazing versatility. It can be used on any type of surface, even the most delicate.

Use when the bodywork has a dull color, is rough to the touch, or on unsightly spots or dark spots found after wheel washing.

  • Ready to use, maximum dilution 1:1.
  • Acid-free pH neutral formula.
  • Eliminates rough to the touch parts (because of iron contamination) from the bodywork.
  • Ideal for the decontamination of all steel and light alloy rims and also on chromed and polished rims for the removal of dirt that cannot be removed with other rim cleaning products.
  • Restores brilliance.
  • 32oz