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Maniac Line Interior Cleaner Purifier


Cleaner, safe, delicate and extremely effective interior: penetrates dirt and dissolves it without leaving streaks.

• Definitively removes difficult mixed soils such as stains that incorporate organic and inorganic residues: a complex mixture and difficult to remove with conventional detergents on the market.

• Decontaminating, purifying and anti-odour action: it has passed the strict virucidal tests UNI EN 14476 and bactericidal tests UNI EN 1276 • UNI EN 13697

• It does not stress the fibers but softens them, revives the colors and does not dehydrate the skin, leaving a homogeneous finish without streaks on plastic materials.

• Ideal for modern cars where there is a combination of different materials such as microfiber leather, aluminum and carbon.

• Odor Stop technology that instantly neutralizes unpleasant odors.