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Labocosmetica Glico


Introducing Labocosmetica Glico, a GLYCOLIC ACID BASED FABRIC CLEANER.

Thanks to its innovative formula featuring glycolic acid, the same used for personal cosmetics, GLICO provides an amazing fabric cleaning experience. It is the first in its class to be patented. Ideal for removing inorganic residues, minerals, dust and mixed dirt stains from seats and rugs, there is nothing this cleaner can’t tackle.

GLICO is both powerful and delicate on surfaces. It never leaves unwanted residues, restores color, and adds softness to fibers (the Fluffy Effect), leaving a perfect finish.

Its distinctive feature is the Luminol effect: during dispensing, GLICO acts as a highlighter to detect spots not visible to sight, allowing you to remove even the most stubborn of stains.

*Luminol effect
*Safe on Alcantara