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Labocosmetica Aquavelox Glass Coat


Get that crystal clear view you’ve been dreaming of with our Aquavelox glass coat.

Start by cleaning and decontaminating your windshield glass from limescale using our ÈNERGO with the aid of a clay bar and, in the most severe cases, using a polish for windows. In the event your windsheild is soiled with carwash wax residue, step it up a nothc and use our VÈRITAS product to get an even fresher look.

Next, spray AQUAVELOX evenly on dry glass and spread it with horizontal and vertical movements using a clean and dry microsuede cloth, until the whole surface is covered. Complete the treatment using a dry microfiber cloth. Apply a second layer 20 minutes after the first, for that ultimate finish.

It might seems like a long wait, but for the full effect to take place you’ll need to be patient. The product activates completely 8 hours from application.